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Boards  -  RobiCon.org compliant boards and adapters. Designed to ease interconnection of robot components for different functions and from different vendors.

Digital Temperature Sensor with SPI Interface, 10-bit, with one-shot 
Item 500-0037-01-125            More Info... us$7.95
Digital Temperature Sensor with SPI Interface, 12-bit 
Item 500-0037-01-123            More Info... us$7.95
Motor Controller, 2 channel, 1 Amp 
Item 500-0025-01            More Info... us$15.50
Nymph Microcontroller Board (OEM) 
Item 500-0011-03            More Info... us$30.50
Potentiometer Board, Right-Angle, 10K 
Item 500-0039-01-RA-10K            More Info... us$4.25
Potentiometer Board, Vertical, 5K 
Item 500-0039-01-VT-5K            More Info... us$4.25
Reflective Object Sensor X1 
Item 500-0023-01            More Info... us$3.95
Reflective Object Sensor X3 
Item 500-0024-01            More Info... us$6.75
RobiCon Breakout Board, 04-pin/04-pin/03-pin 
Item 722-0013-01            More Info... us$4.85
RobiCon Breakout Board, 06-pin/06-pin 
Item 722-0012-01            More Info... us$4.85
RobiCon Breakout Board, 08-pin/03-pin 
Item 722-0002-01            More Info... us$4.85
RobiCon Breakout Board, 11-pin/02-pin 
Item 722-0003-01            More Info... us$4.85
RobiCon Breakout Board, 14-pin 
Item 722-0001-01            More Info... us$4.85
Rotary Encoder Board 
Item 500-0026-01            More Info... us$9.65
Thumb Joystick Board with Male Header 
Item 500-0054-01-HDR            More Info... us$11.25
Thumb Joystick Board with Molex Connector 
Item 500-0054-01-MLX            More Info... us$11.25
USB-Serial TTL Adapter 
Item 500-0049-01            More Info... us$19.90